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Audvice GmbH • Schlossallee 7/1, 5412 Puch, Austria •

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We make knowledge transfer work

Audvice is an audio software solution that makes knowledge transfer work within universities and organizations.

  • Set up your exclusive audio library for internal communication & education

  • Source audio training content from professionals & experts

  • Engage your team in knowledge creation process with rewards & gamification

  • Leverage predictive analytics to measure your team’s learning journey

Learn more effective

With the power of audio

Our vision is to facilitate effective knowledge transfer with the power of audio. By leveraging audio, we can simplify the way content is created and make it less time-consuming to use this content.

Try our MVP for students now!


Create audio libraries like you create workspaces in Slack.

Easily build your exclusive library to share internal knowledge with employees or students.

Listen to tiny pieces of knowledge in your own pace.

Listen to internal knowledge whenever and wherever you like. Use your time more efficiently and set your own pace.  

Create playlist like you do on Spotify.

Organize knowledge and information relevant to you in personalized playlists.

Integrating the app into the course format was very easy.

"Right from the start, it was obvious that students were very motivated to try it. To me, Audvice is a modern alternative, complementing my teaching approach. It helps to better reflect on information and learn easier."

FH-Prof. Dr. Petra Meyer

University of Applied Sciences  Salzburg