Blended learning made easy.

 With Audvice. 

Does this sound familiar?

"I want to adopt flipped learning in my classroom, but ...

... I just don't have the time to make videos."

... I don't know how to produce videos."

... I don't like to use videos of others."

... videos are just not appropriate for my lectures."

Teaching with Audvice

Flip your classroom without much effort

Audvice is not only an audio learning app for students, but also supports teachers aiming to leverage easy-applicable technologies to create engaging and interactive blended learning experiences within their curriculum. Audvice is designed to optimise learning through audio solutions, by providing a platform where both students and teachers can easily collaborate, create, share, listen and work with audio learning content.

All of this without the need for:

  • A lot of time and effort to create your own content 

  • Any pre-knowledge and skills in recording, editing, uploading and converting audio content


Audvice is the tailor-made solution to build highly effective flipped learning environments without the need of any great efforts, skills or high technological advancements.


We look forward to your feedback!

TThe latest version of Audvice is available to you in iOS and Android in German (English available soon). We are constantly developing new features and functions to make Audvice easier applicable within your working environments, and are big believers of collaboration and co-creation as means to get there. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback? We love to hear from you!


Flipped Learning

always-on audio learning outside of classrooms with Audvice

We’ve noticed that the perceived coupling of flipped learning and video is driving people away from trying flipped learning. Audvice enables teachers to create highly effective ‘out of class’ learning experiences, by facilitating unique always-on audio learning materials.


 Instead of spending hours on creating videos, teachers can now easily create, assemble and share educational audio tracks directly in one overview. Create playlists for enriching add-on lecture materials or provide unique learning opportunities, e.g. guest interviews, podcast-only lessons and roundtable discussions.

Everything is possible with Audvice.


Create and facilitate a new learning culture in which the student’s autonomy for learning is emphasized, enabling you as teacher to use your time in class to explore topics in greater depth, create meaningful collaborative learning opportunities and promote the development of student self-learning.

 Through Audvice, out of class learning can happen anywhere and at any time.

Assignments with Audvice

Recording instead of writing

Audio content created, edited, and delivered by students has proven to be a great means to developing teamwork, promoting collaboration, creating and structuring group work, and developing a social network within your curriculum. 


Instead of examining a topic through a written assignment, why not providing your students with the task to summarize and share their knowledge through audio tracks?


Effectively communicating is an important modern skill in almost every career a student may pursue nowadays. Therefore, enabling your students to learn how to use the technologies necessary to create engaging and informative content, is a great means to empower them.

Enable students to reach their full cognitive potential and to become dynamic and creative in their approach to learning, by guiding them through the co-creative process of creating audio content with Audvice. The creation of an audio file is a true adventure, from summarizing the content to practicing. Being curious how they would sound, they will most likely listen to their tracks after recording it for several times. Additionally by speaking, listening and repeating learning content, your students can achieve up to 50% more likelihood of memory retention.

Our a(u)dvice: Assign students with different topics each, which are relevant for the next exam, so they can use it for preparation and exchange learnings.

Integrating the app into the course format was very easy.

"Right from the start, it was obvious that students were very motivated to try it. To me, Audvice is a modern alternative, complementing my teaching approach. It helps to better reflect on information and learn easier."

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