Does this look like learning?

 With Audvice, it does. 


Audio summaries for university students

What student wouldn't want to learn simply, comfortably and perhaps even on the side? Without heavy folders or books? Without being tied to a desk? Without being as stressed? 


With Audvice, we make that possible!

Audvice is a free app, where students can create, edit, share and listen to audio summaries. Simply and with low effort. Just save tracks to your own personalized playlist and start studying! 
Soon available in English!


(How) it works

Audio tracks from students for students

You won't find hours of podcasts in our audio library, but short concise tracks waiting to be saved in your personal playlist. If you don't find the right content for what you need to learn, you can easily record and edit it directly in the app.


Remember things better

+50% increase of memory retention probability

You consider yourself a visual learner? Give us a chance anyway! The more channels you use to learn, the more likely you are to remember the information.


By reading only the probability that you remember information is around 30%. By additional hearing it, it’s increasing to 50% and when you also read it out loud you can reach 70%. Only if you apply what you have learned, like in an exam or in practice, and repeat it frequently, you will be able to reach 100%.


Increase your memory retention by up to 50% with Audvice. Not only by listening, but by more actively processing information when recording and repeating.



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