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Audvice is the first audio training tool for teams and organizations that facilitates effective knowledge transfer & learning experiences with the power of audio. What does that mean? We make it really easy to create, share and listen to internal knowledge - in one single application - wherever you are, whenever you want.




Let everyone easily create professional content by recording and sharing tracks.

Public Mode 

Publish your tracks in the audio library

Private Mode

Keep some of your tracks private

Collaboration Mode

Co-create & publish playlist with others

Playlist Management

Organize content by creating and compiling playlists based on your personal needs.

Like Tracks

to save them in your collection

Create Playlists

out of all available public or your private tracks

Subscribe to Playlists

Follow & save public playlists

Upcoming Features

Rewards & Gamification

Set the right triggers to foster active knowledge sharing across the organization.

Internal Ranking & Benchmarking

Challenges, level and point system

Analytics Reporting

Analyse user and listening behavior to assess learning outcomes, predict trends & improve your content.

User, playlist & track reporting

Retention & completion metrics

What our clients say

  We started

producing initial content for our audio library with high end equipment, but soon recorded in the app right away. It was much easier, faster and still

high quality."

"After a few

recordings you can definitely see an improvement in the

way you talk and structure thoughts.

It makes you calmer

and more focused."

“With Audvice we aim

to move our sellers

from showing power point presentations

to driving a tailored, interactive dialogue

with our customers

and co-create

solutions with them.”

“Our work requires

us to stare at a

screen all day. What

if we can take

relevant information

with us? When we

fold laundry,

exercise or drive?"

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Access the demo audio library with the code csl-000

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Log in to the app & take a look around


This is what learning with Audvice looks like



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