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How to win Red Bull Basement University with Audvice

Toronto, December 2019. If you told us two months ago, that we would be the Austrian finalists of the Red Bull Basement University and got the chance to fly Toronto we would’ve not believed you.

Audvice at Red Bull Basement University

But here we are. Audvice got to join 24 teams from 24 countries in Toronto. We had no idea what we got ourselves into, but we knew that it would be a once in a lifetime experience. Not only did we meet a lot of like-minded people, but we also got the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. From improv and pitch workshops, to an inspiring talk about strategy and failure from the one and only Red Bull athlete Will Gadd. Needless to say: we had a blast.

24 Teams from all over the World

Besides all the excitement, there was quite some nervousness involved. In the end all those workshops led to the big final showdown. All the 24 teams had to prepare a pitch, that was no longer than 3 minutes. On final day we would then all present our ideas in front of each other, the jury and the Red Bull team. The Top 10 would be picked and were required to pitch again, but this time in front of media representatives and an invited audience.

Pitch Preparations

3 minutes is not long you think? Absolutely right, but if you’re up on a stage, presenting in front of so many people, especially not in your native language 3 minutes can seem like a very long time. You better know what you want to say by heart, because there is no time for improvisation. And that’s not all … you should also be able to speak for your partner in case they freeze. Now you may think “ok, sounds like a bit of a challenge, but with enough time to prepare, it shouldn’t be that difficult”. Fair point again … but here’s the thing … we all basically had no time. With our days being fully planned the only time we had to talk through our pitches and memorize them was the night before. That’s it, one night after dinner.

So how exactly do you remember a three-minute presentation and not just your part but also the one of your partner? Easy … you use the product you are actually pitching for. With Audvice we wanted to make it really easy for people to record, share and listen to audio knowledge in one single app. And what would be a better way to show how effective our app is, than actually using it to prepare for our pitch? So this is how we won Red Bull Basement University by using the Audvice App:

  1. Speak, Record, Tweak, Repeat The night before the final we sat in our hotel room and started practicing. We started recording our first pitch try with the Audvice app on our phones. This time each of us still had to read their parts out loud - we hadn’t memorized them yet. We listened to our recording, made some mental notes, listened again and then tweaked and changed whatever we felt sounded odd or didn’t fit. After that we recorded again. We repeated that process a few times until we felt like the pitch sounded right. The last time we recorded it, each of us already memorized their own parts quite well.

  2. Listen every spare minute We both could now open the Audvice app and listen to our recorded pitch whenever we wanted to. And that’s what we did. We were lying in bed with our headphones and listened to it, while falling asleep. We woke up, still remaining in bed, listening to it. On the bus on our way to the final, we listened to it.

  3. Repeat We never tell people that they will remember things by just listening to them. We believe in the process of speaking, listening and repeating. We believe that the best way to learn something is by using multiple senses and study methods. And that is what we do with Audvice. So after recording our pitch the night before the final and listening to it every spare minute, it was time to repeat. Shortly before the final, we started pitching to each other, switching our parts, trying to do the whole thing alone and so on. By actively repeating what we listened to, we put our knowledge into use and increased the likelihood of remembering everything.

And you know what happened?

I froze on stage … and Sophie was able to jump right in, because she knew my part as well. It took her saying a few words to help me get back on track again. With using Audvice and the methods we talk about constantly, we were able to jump in when the other one needed us, we had ankers that would get us back on track even if we were nervous ... and we ended up acing our pitch.

It’s been two weeks now, since we won the Red Bull Basement University and you know what? I still know the whole pitch by heart.


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