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Questions and Answers

What is Audvice?

Audvice is a knowledge management tool for teams & organizations that facilitates effective knowledge transfer & learning with the power of audio.

What are the advantages of Audvice?

We make it really easy to create, share and listen to audio content in one single application. No need for technical expertise or expensive equipment - all you need is your smartphone. Easily share information with your team without the need for a desktop or working station. Listen to what you need to know on the go. 

Where can I download Audvice and how much does it cost?

You can download Audvice in the App-Store and Google Play Store and register for our free public library. Use Audvice as a student to learn with or as a teacher to make your lessons more interactive. ​​For companies, we offer exclusive audio libraries with enhanced functionality - for more information simply contact us.

How can I sign up for the free public audio library?

Once you’ve opened the app, it will ask you for a code. For the public audio library there’s no code needed. To access it simply click on “Access the public audio library here” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then be able to sign up with your E-Mail address. 

No worries, your data is safe with us - we only use your Name and E-Mail address.

My company / university uses an exclusive audio library, how do I sign up?

All you need is your library code which you’ve received from your superior or teacher. After you open the Audvice app, fill it into the blank box and press continue. You’ll then be able to sign-up with your company E-Mail address.

I don’t have a code, how do I sign-up?

  1. If your company / university has access to an exclusive audio library, please contact your superior / teacher for the library code.

  2. If your company / university has no access to an exclusive audio library or you simply want to see what the app looks like, you can sign up in the free public audio library.

How do I record content inside the app?

To record your own tracks in the Audvice app, switch to the recording symbol on the bottom tab bar. To start with your first track click in the plus button to open up the actual recording screen. You’ll then be able to start with your recording. If you need to pause or make a mistake, you can simply press the button in the middle again and your recording will stop.


To revise a mistake, all you need to do is scroll back on the waveform, to any pause before the mistake. Double check if it’s the right spot by clicking play and scrolling back again. If the middle line is on the right spot, press record and continue talking.

Is there a maximum length for recordings?

Tracks can be no longer than 6 minutes. That does not mean, that you have to compress your whole topic into short 6 minutes but that you have to structure it better. Instead of doing one super long recording, try to split your topic into short bites that are easy to comprehend. This way it’s way easier to listen to the topic and to revise specific information if needed.

What should I keep in mind when I do recordings?

It's important that you speak clearly and explicitly. Of course there are a few tricks, that will improve your recordings. It's best to have a glass of water ready at hand and refrain from coffee, milk or orange juice shortly before the recording, since this will negatively impact your vocal chords. Always try to keep your mouth open while you're speaking and show teeth. This will make your pronunciation clearer. Audvice lets you record tracks with a maximum length of 6 minutes, one after another. Don't be afraid of slips. If you get a word or sentence wrong, you can simply press the stop button, scroll back and talk over the mistake.

Do I have to share my tracks with everyone?

Of course, you have the option to keep your tracks private - so that only you are able to listen to them.

I don’t have the best voice. Should I record anyway?

Absolutely! It's probably only you who thinks that. People hear you talking everyday. How many have complained about your voice so far? Listening to yourself on audio recordings is weird at first, but quickly becomes totally normal. Trust us!

Can I record everything I want in the public audio library?

No matter what your subject is, you can record any topic you want to learn. However, there are a few rules to the game:


You are welcome to quote books or other sources, but for copyright reasons, you can't just read out whole passages and chapters and upload them as tracks. This is only possible with Creative Commons works, such as Wikipedia articles. Also, you are not allowed to record other people without their permission, especially professors during lectures. Inappropriate or illegal content can and should be reported by the community and will be deleted without exception.

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