Team work makes the dream work. 


Sophie Bolzer, MSc.

CEO & Founder

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While doing her Masters degree at the university Innsbruck, Sophie spend a lot of time commuting. The thing is, due to all the driving she was losing time that could be spend studying. She wanted to somehow combine the commuting and the studying for uni. So she started doing her own voice recordings and listened back to them in the car. And this is how the idea of Audvice was born. Ever since Sophie is working with full dedication on her idea. 

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With 8 years as web and app developer in international companies as well as startups, Erfan brings a lot of experience to the team. He is a critical mind that enjoys taking on problems and solving them. From a young age Erfan knew that he would one day build his own company. Since he is a huge podcast fan, he was immediately intrigued by Sophie's idea and they ended up founding Audvice together. 


Erfan Ebrahimnia, BSc.

CTO & Founder


Nadine Szentivanyi


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Nadine actually stumbled across Sophie's profile on LinkedIn. Since she was not only a full-time digital marketer at an agency but also a student, Audvice was the perfect solution for her to study more time efficient. She sent a message to Sophie to simply let her know how helpful she thinks the app is. Little did she know that two months later she would quit her job at the agency to start working with Audvice.

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After a few years as full stack developer and a nearly finished tech degree, Berni was looking for a new challenge. Through a recommendation he luckily looked into Audvice. Together with Erfan he's constantly working on the technical implementation of the software solution, while enjoying the responsibility and flexibility of the startup-life.  


Bernhard Steger

Software & Data Architect


React Developer

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This could be you! We are looking for an experienced react developer to join our remote team. Interested?


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