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Elevate Onboarding Effortlessly

Add more context to your pre-boarding and onboarding workflows through easy and secure private podcasting, trusted by companies like Red Bull and ADAC.

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Engage your new Employees with Internal Podcasts

From office workers with screen fatigue to frontline workers cut off from onboarding platforms.

Reach everyone

From office workers with screen fatigue to

frontline workers cut off from onboarding platforms.

Instant Productivity

New hires face an overwhelming amount of information. Podcasts break complex topics down into easily digestible episodes.

Tailored Onboarding

Podcasts personalize content for roles, departments, and challenges, enhancing the onboarding journey.

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Time Efficient

Traditional onboarding takes time. With Podcasts, you can offer flexible, self-paced learning.

Enhanced Engagement

Captivate employees with engaging audio content, boosting employee engagement.

Detailed Analytics

Podcast analytics aid HR in refining onboarding for continuous improvement.


Culture & Brand

Podcasts reinforce culture and elevate employer branding, showcasing innovation and employee-centricity.

Centralized and Secure 

Safeguard data, ensure access and maintain a single source of truth.

Most popular Features

Embed podcasts


Integrate your podcast in any LMS, intranet,
or website.

Public weblinks

Share your branded podcasts across channels with
one click.



Share playlists with specific departments or teams and store all the information in one place.

A selection of templates to initiate your
pre-boarding & onboarding initiatives

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How it works



Click the red button and start talking. Save your track & record the next one.


Scroll back and simply re-record if you make a mistake. No more skills are needed.


Select your tracks and share them in a podcast playlist with your colleague, your team or the whole company.


Make most of your time and listen on-the-go. If needed, browse through the automatic transcript or visuals attached.

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