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Achieve more with less effort, training & development simplified

Amplify your training and development strategy with Audvice's private podcasts, trusted by companies like Red Bull and ADAC.

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Train your entire workforce with Private Podcasts

Deliver the most relevant and on-point training faster with Audvice, your customizable private podcasting platform & app. Create, source, and share trainings seamlessly – whether your employees are in the office, at home, or on the frontline.

Alle erreichen

von Büroangestellten mit Bildschirm-Müdigkeit bis hin zu Mitarbeiter:innen an der Front, die von internen Schulungsplattformen abgeschnitten sind.

Zeiteffiziente Schulung

Bequemes On-the-go-Training für volle Terminkalender.

End Language Barriers

Make sure everyone understands with one-click translations and AI Voices in 35 languages.

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Time Savings

Reduced need for time-consuming trainings and reading materials can lead to higher productivity & more focused work time.

Enhanced Engagement

Captivate employees with engaging audio content, boosting employee engagement.

Cost Savings

Compared to organizing physical training sessions, producing podcasts can be cost-effective in the long term.



Ensure your company's data remains secure, easily accessible, and unified as the definitive source of truth.

Centralized and Secure 

Ensure your company's data remains secure, easily accessible, and unified as the definitive source of truth.

Most popular Features

Embed podcasts


Micro- learning


Course Catalog


Boost Engagement

Integrate your podcast in any LMS, intranet,
or website.

Optimize time & maximize knowledge with bite-sized podcasts.

350+ podcast courses for your employees.

Captivating audio format boosts employee engagement.

A selection of templates to initiate your learning & development initiatives

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How it works



Click the red button and start talking. Save your track & record the next one.


Scroll back and simply re-record if you make a mistake. No more skills are needed.


Select your tracks and share them in a podcast playlist with your colleague, your team or the whole company.


Make most of your time and listen on-the-go. If needed, browse through the automatic transcript or visuals attached.

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