Make important information heard

audvice lets you share information more effectively across teams, partners and customers — with voice.



of the population listen to audio content for almost 
3 hours every single day.

How it works


Press record, start talking.
Sounds simple, is simple.

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No need to be a pro. Press pause, scroll back, 
press record again and revise mistakes or fillerwords.

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 create playlists

Structure information in bite-sized voice messages you can edit and rearrange even after sharing them.

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add visuals

Add links, pdfs or pics to your playlist that can be viewed while listening.

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securely share

Share playlists securely in your audio library with colleagues, your team or the entire company.

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like & comment

Show excitement and give feedback with audio comments.

track engagement

Get real-time insights on how your content performs, who listens to and interacts with it.

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 audio search

No need for adding tags or keywords — smart search for what has been said.

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export transcripts

Two clicks in the app and you will get a playlist transcript to add to your notes, CRM or mail.

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Publish playlists from your audio library to share sales pitches, briefings, follow-ups and more with partners or customers.

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Embed published playlists on any other platforms, update them or turn off access anytime.


Client stories

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            We struggle to reach our employees with important insights via our internal comms channels — they get lost in chats and inboxes.
We use audvice to make sure what we share is heard and known. More importantly we can empower our teams to do the same."

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Scan this QR Code with your phone, take a screen break and listen to how our customers use audvice while taking a walk.


Listen while you ...


get ready in the morning


drive to work


take (your dog for) a walk


work out




take a productive bubble bath

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