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Blended Learning

Recording instead of writing. Instead of examining a topic through a written assignment, why not providing your students with the task to summarize and share their knowledge through audio tracks?

That's how you can help students to make most out of their learning efforts. By speaking, listening and repeating learning content they can achieve up to 50% more likelihood of memory retention.

With Audvice you can finally use a blended learning tool without additional effort and time required.

Take a closer look at our case study.


Flipped Learning

Teachers can also use Audvice flip their classrooms. They can easily record theoretical input themselves and share their playlist with students before class. Students are more likely to prepare and time in class can be spent more interactively.

Compared to video Audvice offers you:
 ✓ Less production time and costs
✓ No need for previous technical knowledge
✓ Easy to setup and implement
✓ Higher probability for students to

actually prepare for class

Videos are the no.1 reason keeping teachers from flipping their classrooms

"I would like to do flipped learning with my students, but ...

... I just don't have the time to make videos."

... I don't know how to produce videos."

... I don't like to use videos of others."

... videos are just not appropriate for my lectures."

This is what studying with Audvice looks like


Teacher about Audvice

"Interactive elements in class are very important to keep students motivated and awake. For previous lectures I tried to include video formats, but the effort for students was simply too high, and they weren't used for learning afterwards.​ To me the approach of using an audio format like this is very exciting. I'm really looking forward to use Audvice

for my lectures."

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Dominik Walcher

Senior Lecturer, Productmanagement

University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

"The audio recordings automatically enable students to deal more actively with the learning content. It's like preparing for a presentation and thus creating a very effective learning experience.​ As a lecturer, I clearly see a positive side effect in the fact, that you can improve your communication and presentation skills with the app."

Mag. Dr. Daniela Molzbichler

Senior Lecturer, Politics & Law

University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Integrating the app into the course format was very easy.​ Right from the start, it was obvious that students were very motivated to try it. To me, Audvice is a modern alternative, complementing my teaching approach. I

t helps to better reflect on information

and learn easier."

FH-Prof. Dr. Petra Meyer

Senior Lecturer

Business Management, FH Salzburg

Remember better, know more

Increase your knowledge retention with Audvice

Audvice enables you to remember things better. No matter if you're studying, preparing a presentation or if you just want to keep something in mind. We make it really easy for you to get most out of your memory with one single app.

You can do this by talking and recording, listening and repeating, which increases the chance of remembering content by up to 50%. No matter what type of learner you are, using several different methods will help you make the most of your time. Want to learn more about learning with audio? Check out our blog!


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