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Include executives in the creation of onboarding playlists.

Onboarding means successfully integrating employees into the company. With Audvice, the onboarding process can maybe even start before the first day of work, by providing them with relevant information, but without stealing unpaid time. You give themthe opportunity to get a first personal impression of the company, of colleagues and superiors in order to settle in more quickly.

Product trainings

Gain insight into manufacturing, product management & sales. 

Every employee is a potential seller and should therefore know about the company's products or services. Learning features and datasheets by heart is not something you want your employees to do. Instead, Audvice makes it easy to provide more exciting information about the product at first hand, by various employees involved in the product development process. This personal approach enables a better understanding among employees and increases memory retention.

Internal newsletter

Let employees & departments tell their own stories.

With Audvice you give a voice to company news, announcements or field reports. Various contributors record tracks and add them directly to the newsletter playlist, which can be announced through push notifications. Existing tracks from the audio library can also be added. This kind of personal contribution by employees strengthens the corporate culture and enhances the internal social network.

Professional training

Professionally bringing together company-speific and generic content.

Audvice is the perfect complement for internal training initiatives. As a flipped learning tool, it helps to make on-site training more interactive by providing theory lessons as a playlist for preparation before class. This means that fewer but more effective training courses, conferences or seminars have to be held on site. Our playlist management functionality allows training content to be provided on-demand and personalized according to the employee’s needs.

Voice memos

Co-create playlists to share agenda for meeting preparation.

There is a reason why doctors and lawyers dictate all the time: because it saves time. Especially for field staff, voice memos are helpful to quickly summarize the most important take aways from customer appointments. The same applies to shift handovers in the hotel industry. With Audvice, voice notes can be shared as tracks or kept private and still be heard in a playlist together with other content. Also private tracks are perfect for preparing for presentations!

This is what learning with Audvice looks like



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