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Private Podcasting
for Enterprise

Launch your secure & branded podcast space to share podcasts exclusively with your audience - no matter if employees, partners or customers.


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Your private podcast space & app

Share podcasts with
an exclusive audience

Whether it is your employees, partners, customers or your community, Audvice let’s you control who can access your podcasts and makes sure your content is 100% secure.

GDPR Compliant

BYOK Encrypted

Authenticated Access

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In your own branded 
& secure podcast space

Give listeners the full brand experience and design your private podcast space with your logo, colours and corporate identity.

Custom Branding

Add podcast content from our course catalog

Provide your employees with bite-sized audio trainings on topics like leadership, communication, compliance and more.



Turn text into podcasts

Use AI-Voices in 35 different languages to turn any text into a podcast you can share with your exclusive community. Customers love this feature to share company news, regulations, policies or product details.

Easily record & edit

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You don't need any equipment or be a professional podcaster. Just record, edit and share a new podcast with directly in the Audvice App. Instead of spending hours on postproduction, just revise mistakes while still recording.

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Import audio files

If you already have audio files, such as podcasts or extracts from a video or meeting recording, simply upload it to Audvice and share it as a podcast with your exclusive audience.

Add visuals

Attach any visuals in form of weblinks to your podcast, so that your listeners have a visual anchor while they keep listening. This feature works great with slide decks, documents or websites. Also, there is an automatic transcript being generated to each podcast you share with Audvice, see below.

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Host & Manage

In Audvice you get your own secure podcast space, where your data is 100% secure. Only authenticated users will be able to access and listen to your exclusive podcasts. 


Advanced Role Management

to assign Listeners, Creators & Admins

Controlled & Secure Access

through invite-only or SSO

GDPR Compliant

with Bring-Your-Own-Key encryption

Easy Audience Management

to share podcasts with teams, departments or communities

Private Podcast Library

accessible via browser or app


Custom Branding

Your private podcast space comes in your corporate identity. Add your logo and colours to showcase your unique brand to your exclusive audience.

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One-click publishing across channels

For every podcast you can create an own podcast page and share it with an unlisted weblink - or you simply embed your podcast seamlessly in your intranet, LMS, communication channels or other internal platforms.

Automatic Transcripts

Every podcast you share with Audvice comes with an automatic transcript including language detection. Users love this feature, as they get a visual anchor to every podcast and easily browse through the essence of it.

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Transcript Translation

With only one click users can translate the automatic transcript into more than 75 languages. This feature comes in handy if you are sharing podcasts with a global audience or want to reach employees who are not native in your official company language.

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Automatic Notifications

Make sure your audience stays engaged and never let your listeners miss out on a new podcast. Whenever you share a podcast in your private podcast space, authenticated users will get a push-notification if they are using the Audvice App, or an email-notification.


Perfect for Microlearning

Structure your podcasts in tracks, which are sections of 1-4 minutes. That's how you give your listeners a great first overview and make it easy for them to easily repeat information or save certain sections for later. You on the other hand can easily manage, delete, recycle and rearrange tracks or even add it to other podcasts.

Private Podcasting Best Practices

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Employee Onboarding

Let new hires learn on-the-job, but at their own pace. Save time & resources, but still onboard employees with a personal touch, the necessary context and real expert insights. 

Sales Enablement

Give your sales reps instant access to up-to-date training & product information in a format that fits into their busy schedule. Let them learn or prepare a meeting, while driving or commuting.

Internal Communications

Reach everyone in your organisation with important news, insights or updates in a more engaging format than emails that get forever lost in your inbox.


Encourage deeper focus and engagement by training your employees or partners with podcasts. They will naturally find and spend more time listening than watching. 

Did you know, that ...


of people listen to up to 3 hours of audio content daily


of people listen to podcasts to stay up-to-date


of Gen Z users listen while they are working


of employees would be more likely to engage in training if provided as podcasts

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Why Private Podcasting for HR & Learning?

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Increasing popularity

Podcasts are booming globally, with millions of shows and episodes, showing their rising appeal to over 465 million podcast listeners worldwide.


Private podcasts are budget-friendly in production, storage and streaming compared to video content.
Try now for free!

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Private podcasts work on-the-go and offer the flexibility to listen anytime, anywhere, regardless of location, schedule or whether employees work in an office, factory, in the field or in a remote setting.

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