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  • How long does it take to set up my Audvice account?
    Creating your Audvice account is a fast and straightforward procedure. Simply visit our website, locate the “Get started for free” button, and follow the guided steps to create your account. Once registration is complete, you'll gain immediate access to your free plan.
  • How to get started?
    You can get started with Audvice for HR & Learning professionals by simply clicking here. If you are interested in our enterprise solution, please contact us via
  • The Audvice course catalog
    Our Audvice Course Catalog is your gateway to providing employees with convenient, bite-sized audio training. Explore a diverse selection of 350+ podcast courses, available in both English and German, covering vital topics like leadership, communication, compliance, and more. Request a Custom Quote: For personalized learning experiences, request a quote from our sales team. They'll provide you with an offer that aligns with your organization's unique needs. Seamless Integration: Upon confirmation, we'll handle the integration of your chosen courses into your audio library, ensuring easy access for your employees. Customized Podcast Courses: Take it a step further by collaborating with our content partners to create tailored podcast training programs specifically designed for your organization's goals and requirements.
  • Getting started in the Audvice web version
    To begin your journey with Audvice via the web version, follow these simple steps: Visit Our Website: Access Audvice by navigating to our website using your preferred web browser. Sign In or Create an Account: If you already have an account, sign in with your credentials under”Login”. If not, you can easily create a new account by clicking on the "Get started for free" button and following the registration prompts. Explore Features: Once logged in, take a moment to explore the features of the web version, including playlist creation and the innovative text-to-speech tool. Create Playlists: To create a playlist, locate the relevant section in the web version. Follow the intuitive steps to add audio content or leverage the text-to-speech feature to generate podcasts from your existing written material. Manage and Administer: If you want to invite users, oversee groups, or manage playlists and tracks, make use of the Admin section, accessible from the navigation menu. Enjoy the Benefits: With your account set up and content created, you're ready to experience Audvice's powerful tools for enhanced communication and information sharing. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance. We're here to help you make the most of your Audvice experience.
  • Downloading the Audvice app
    Downloading the Audvice App To get the Audvice app on your mobile device, follow these steps based on your platform: For Android Users: Open the Google Play Store on your Android device. In the search bar, type "Audvice" and press Enter. Locate the Audvice app in the search results. Tap the "Install" button next to the Audvice app. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app on your device. For Apple (iOS) Users: Open the App Store on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad). In the search tab, type "Audvice" and press Enter. Find the Audvice app in the search results. Tap the "Get" button (usually depicted as a cloud icon with an arrow) next to the Audvice app. Authenticate the download using your Apple ID or Face ID/Touch ID if prompted. The Audvice app will be downloaded and installed on your device. Once the Audvice app is installed, you can open it, log in with your credentials, and start enjoying the benefits of our platform on your mobile device.
  • What is the difference between the web version and the app?
    Web Version: Effortless Content Creation: In the web version, you can effortlessly create playlists and utilize our innovative text-to-speech feature. This feature allows you to convert text into audio content, making podcast creation fast & easy. You can also share your podcasts with team members within minutes. Admin Section: The web version includes an Admin section for user invitations and streamlined management of groups, playlists, and tracks. App: Listening and Recording: Primarily designed for listening, the app also offers the capability to record tracks and seamlessly incorporate them into playlists. The choice between our web version and app depends on your specific needs, whether you're focused on content creation or consumption.
  • How Audvice works
    At Audvice, we've reimagined how you communicate within your organization through the power of Private Podcasts. Our platform offers both a web-based version and a mobile app, providing you with the tools to effortlessly craft audio content that can be shared seamlessly with your team or company.
  • What’s an audio library?
    Your audio library is your team or company’s secure space, where you can share internal podcasts.
  • How can I change my personal information (email address or password)?
    To update your password, follow these steps: Password Update: When you go to the login page, click on "Forgot Password". Follow the instructions provided to reset your password. Once changed, use your new password for future logins. For email address-related changes or additional assistance, please reach out to our support team at We're here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Change my account's language
    The Audvice App and Web Version are currently available in German and English. Please note that it is not possible to manually change the language at this point. Audvice Applications detect the language set for your browser or mobile phone and thus set the application to the appropriate language. If you have any trouble with the language set for your account, please reach out to our support team at We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Can my Free Plan account be eliminated due to inactivity?
    If your audio library has been inactive for 1 year, we will reach out to check-in with you if it’s still of use or if it should be deactivated. We do not eliminate any accounts without contacting you.
  • How do I contact the support team?
    For assistance or inquiries, you can reach our dedicated support team by sending an email to We're here to help you with any questions or issues you may have, ensuring you get the most out of your Audvice experience.
  • How can I close my account?
    We are sad to see you go. If Audvice is not the right tool for you or doesn’t serve your needs, please reach out to our support team at to assist with closing your account.
  • Where do I log in?
    Web: To access your Audvice account via the web, please visit our website and locate the "Login" button. You can then enter your credentials & code to log in to your account. App: For mobile access, simply open the Audvice app on your device. You'll find the "Log In" option on the app's main screen. Enter your login details & code to access your account.
  • Audvice glossary
    Here's a quick overview of some key terms in the Audvice platform: Audio Library: Your collection of audio content, including playlists and tracks, accessible for playback. Admin: A user with administrative privileges, responsible for managing users, content, and settings within the platform. User: Individuals who access the Audvice platform, consisting of users who were invited by an Admin to join. Playlist: A curated collection of audio tracks organized based on specific themes, topics, or purposes. Tracks: Individual audio segments or recordings that can be part of playlists or your audio library. Top Picks: Featured or recommended audio content that can be discovered on the platform. Text to Speech: A feature allowing the conversion of text-based content into audio, making it accessible in audio format. Transcripts: Written representations of all your spoken content, which can be used for reference or accessibility purposes.
  • Can I assign different roles to my users?
    The free plan does not include any role management. Our paid plans come with role management and offer you different roles to assign to users as well as default roles for your whole audio library: Listener: The Listener is the user with least privilege. This role is solely for consuming content in Audvice. A “Listener” is able to: Access the Audvice mobile app Access the Audvice web app Listen to playlists that are: Shared with all users of the audio library Shared with groups the user is part of Shared individually with the user Content Creator: Content Creators are users who are mainly responsible for creating content & managing their own created content. A “Content Creator” is able to: Do everything a Listener can Create public weblinks for their own playlists Copy existing public weblinks for playlists shared with them Create and edit their own playlists Record tracks Import external audio files Use Text-to-Speech to create content Edit transcripts of their own tracks Create User Groups for sharing content Admin: The Admin is the role with the highest privilege. Admins can manage all contents of the audio library as well as its Users. An “Admin” is able to: Do everything a Listener & Content Creator can Access the Admin Interface in the web app Edit playlists & tracks from all users Delete playlists & tracks from all users Invite new users Manage existing users (f.e. Deactivating users that left the company) Create public weblinks for all playlists
  • Getting started in the Audvice web
    Navigating through the Audvice web version is easy, thanks to our intuitive menu. Here's a quick overview of the menu options to help you get started: Menu: Start: Begin your Audvice journey here. Find top picks and new playlists that were shared with you. My Groups: Here, you can see all the groups you are part of Listen Later: Access content you've saved for later. Content Creation: My Playlists: Here, you can find all the playlists that you have created. My Tracks: Here, you can find all the audio tracks you have created. Create Playlists: Create custom playlists and add your tracks to them. Text-to-Speech: Utilize our text-to-speech feature to convert written content into audio. Admin: Invite Users: Add new users to your Audvice account. Manage Groups: Create, oversee, and administer groups. Manage Playlists: Manage your playlists with ease. Manage Tracks: Manage your audio tracks. These menu options provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to create, manage, and personalize your Audvice experience. If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at We're here to ensure you make the most of Audvice.
  • How many users can I invite to my audio library?
    The number of users you can invite to your audio library depends on the specific plan you have with Audvice. Different plans may have varying user limits, so it's essential to refer to your plan's details or contact Audvice support for precise information regarding user invitations and limitations.
  • How can I record a track?
    Once you are inside the Audvice app you’ll see a red recording button on the bottom of the screen. If you press it the in-app recorder will open. By pressing the red button again, you’ll start recording. If you need to take a break or made a mistake you can simply press the red button again to pause your recording. If you want to revise a mistake, scroll back on the waveform to a speech-pause right before you made the mistake and press record again to overspeak it.e trial.
  • Notifications
    Notifications within Audvice play a crucial role in keeping users informed and engaged. Here's what you need to know: Purpose: Notifications serve to alert users about important updates, such as new content availability, playlist changes, or messages from administrators and team members. Stay Informed: By keeping notifications enabled and customized to your liking, you can stay informed about relevant activities, ensuring you never miss out on important Podcasts within the Audvice ecosystem. If you have specific questions about notifications or encounter issues related to them, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance. We're here to help you make the most of your Audvice experience.
  • Can I add PDFs, quizzes, and other links to my playlist?
    Yes. When creating or editing a playlist you can add a description with additional information as well as links to quizzes, pdfs etc. If a user clicks on your links, an in-app browser will open. They can keep listening to the playlist while viewing additional resources, without leaving the app.
  • Can I record just for myself and keep my tracks private?
    We appreciate you using Audvice to help you remember, repeat or organize important information. You can easily save your playlist in your private collection. As long as you don't choose to share it with others, it's all yours and all content remains private.
  • Can my admin listen to my private playlists?
    No. Only you decide who can listen to your content and who can’t. Although Admins have the necessary tools & rights to manage all content in the audio library by default they only see playlist and track titles. Even Admins can only listen to content that has been shared with them, so if you keep your playlist private or share it with someone else your Admin cannot listen to it.
  • How can I collaborate on a playlist with a colleague?
    Playlists in Audvice are collaborative by default. This means if a colleague records a track, they have the option to add that track to your playlist & collaborate with you. You can manage the collaboration setting when creating a playlist or access it later by going to your playlist, pressing the three dots in the top right corner & selecting “Edit Playlist”. In the Edit Playlist Screen you see a toggle to enable / disable collaboration for your playlist.
  • How can I create a playlist from my drafts & share it?
    To access your drafts, click on the red recording button at the bottom of the screen. The recorder will open and on the bottom, you’ll see the sheet for your drafts. You can access them by pulling that sheet upwards. You can change the name of your draft by clicking on the title. Once you want to create a playlist out of one or multiple drafts, you press “Select to share” at the top right corner of your drafts sheet. You can now select the tracks and press share. In the next steps, you can either add the tracks to an existing playlist or create a new one. When creating a new playlist you’ll need to give it a title, can add a description and a link. Once you’ve done that, the app will take you to the final screen where you can choose who you want to share your playlist with. You can share the playlist with single users, groups, or the whole audio library. Playlists in Audvice are private by default. If you only want to upload your playlist to your private collection, so only you can listen to it, simply skip the step of adding users or groups and upload it.
  • Search
    The search function is a powerful tool that helps you quickly find specific audio content, tracks, and playlists.
  • Can I see who listened to my playlist or tracks?
    Yes. As the owner of a track, you can see who listened to it. To do so, click on the 3 dots on the right side of your track. A menu will open, that shows you a few different options of what to do with your track. One of the menu options is called “Listened by”. If you click on it a list of all the users that have listened to that track will open.
  • How can I get a transcript of my playlists?
    Every track that is shared in Audvice is automatically transcribed. The transcript can be shared internally and externally. To view the transcript of a track, start playing it. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll now see the blue mini-player and if you click on it, the full-player will open. Here you’ll be able to view and share your transcript. Our transcript feature currently supports 35+ languages.
  • What is the difference between a collaborative playlist and a playlist that is shared with the whole audio library?
    The primary difference between a collaborative playlist and a playlist shared with the entire audio library lies in their accessibility and editability: Collaborative Playlist: A collaborative playlist allows all users it has been shared with to contribute their own tracks to that playlist. It promotes teamwork and collective content creation, with multiple users having the ability to add tracks. Typically used for projects or initiatives where input from various individuals is valuable. Playlist Shared with the Whole Audio Library: A playlist shared with the entire audio library is accessible to all users in the audio library. While all users can access and listen to this playlist, its content is usually managed by specific administrators or designated individuals who can edit or add tracks. It's suitable for making content available to a broader audience within your organization but maintains content control with a select few. In summary, collaborative playlists encourage active participation and contributions from a specific group of users, while playlists shared with the whole audio library offer broader access while maintaining content control by a designated few.
  • What is the difference between my collection, sharing in a group, or sharing with specific people?
    You can easily choose who you want to share your content with when you create a playlist. The default setting when creating a playlist is that it will be saved in your private collection - meaning only you have access to it. If you want to share your content with a specific department or team you can select or create a group. You can also share your playlist with single users. So you have full control over who has access to your content.
  • Can I import existing audio files?
    Yes. You can import existing audio files in the Audvice Web by selecting “My Tracks” from the menu bar and then clicking the blue import button in the top right corner. Please be aware that we can only allow the file format m4a at this point.
  • How can I create groups?
    You can create groups with selected team members directly in the app or in the web version. This allows you to share specific playlists with multiple people with just one click, storing and retrieving all the information relevant to the group in one place. In the app, go to My Collection and click on Created Groups. This is where you can also create a new group and invite users to it.
  • Listen later
    "Listen Later" is a feature in Audvice that allows you to save audio content for future consumption. Here's a breakdown of how it works: Purpose: The "Listen Later" feature lets you save audio tracks or podcasts that you want to listen to at a later time. It's a convenient way to curate a personal playlist of content you're interested in but may not have time to listen to immediately. Access: You can typically access your "Listen Later" list within the Audvice platform, where it's easy to manage and organize the content you've saved for future listening. Convenience: Instead of searching for content again, you can simply add it to your "Listen Later" list when you come across something interesting. This ensures that you won't miss out on valuable audio content. By utilizing the "Listen Later" feature, you can optimize your time and make the most of your Audvice experience.
  • How can I share playlists outside my audio library?
    If you want to share a playlist with someone that isn’t part of your audio library you can do that by creating a public weblink. Anyone with that link can listen to your playlist. You can also use this link to embed playlists on websites, intranets etc. To create the weblink, open the Audvice app and go directly to the playlist you want to share. Press the 3 dots at the top right corner of your playlist. Here you will see the option to copy a weblink.
  • Bookmark
    In Audvice, bookmarks provide a handy way to save and revisit specific audio content that you find particularly valuable or wish to access later. Here's what you need to know: Purpose: Bookmarks allow you to mark specific tracks or content within playlists for easy retrieval. This is especially useful for quickly revisiting content that resonates with you or that you want to reference later. Access: You can typically access your bookmarks within the Audvice platform through a dedicated section. Convenience: Bookmarks streamline your experience by eliminating the need to search for content repeatedly. Instead, you can quickly access your saved bookmarks whenever you need them. Organization: They help you organize and prioritize content, ensuring that you can efficiently manage your audio library for maximum productivity and enjoyment. By using bookmarks effectively, you can enhance your Audvice experience by saving and revisiting the most relevant and valuable audio content at your convenience.
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