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Say it only once,
but onboard them all

Let new hires learn on-the-job, but at their own pace. Save time & resources, but still onboard employees with a personal touch, the necessary context and real expert insights. 

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Streamline onboarding with private podcasts

Traditional onboarding can be time-consuming and inconsistent, often leaving new hires overwhelmed.
Audvice revolutionizes this process by enabling experts to easily create podcasts, which are then shared with new hires. This approach eliminates the need to repeat the same information multiple times and saves your employees valuable time. As a result, your new employees receive a consistent and personalized onboarding experience, allowing them to absorb information at their own pace.


Why private podcasting for onboarding?

Easy content creation

With easy recording or text-to-speech technology Audvice allows everyone to create podcasts in a matter of minutes.

Consistent messaging

Ensure every new hire receives the same comprehensive information, maintaining consistency across your organization.

Flexible learning

Employees can consume at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

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Get started with private podcasting

Create private podcasts from audio, video or text. Share it securely and control access within your internal platforms.

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