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Learn more about our app, and how our features help your company to document and share information more efficiently, using the power of voice. 

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Home - v7 (2).png


Find playlists that your admin has pinned, and that are relevant for the whole team on your homescreen.

Recorder - stop - v7.png


Record your tracks - Either add them directly to an existing playlist, or save them in your drafts to create a new playlist.

Drafts - v7.png


Continue editing your tracks when they are in draft mode, by continuing to record or revising the track at any second you like.

edit playlist - step 2 - v7 (1).png


Choose with whom to share your playlist. Keep it in your private collection, or share it with a person in your team or a group you are part of. To share it with people outside your team, you can enable a public weblink.

Popup - list of all group users - v1.png


Share playlists with specific departments or teams, and keep all the information stored in one place, only accessible for group members. 

Player - full view - v7 (1).png


Automatically transcribe your tracks. Share or send these transcripts.

Playlist - Miniplayer - Description - v7 (1).png


Create a playlist with the tracks in your drafts. Or add already existing tracks to a new playlist. Add a short description, and/or a link to any PDF, website or quiz you like.

My Collection - v7.png


Find a collection of all the playlists you recorded with audvice, your individual tracks, the tracks you have bookmarked, as well as the groups you are a part of in one place. 

Search - All - v7.png


Find any playlist, track, person or group by using the search function.