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Private Podcasts

Companies need a secure space to share internal information


Advanced Role Management

to assign Listeners, Creators & Admins

Controlled & Secure Access

through invite-only or SSO

GDPR Compliant

with Bring-Your-Own-Key encryption

Easy Audience Management

to share podcasts with teams, departments or communities

Private Podcast Library

accessible through app or browser

Simplify content creation

Easily create and share private podcasts



Turn text into podcasts

using AI voices in 35+ languages.

Corporate Branding

Custom Branding

Brand your private podcast library with your logo & corporate identity.

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Weblinks & Embeds

One-click publishing across channels

Seamless integration across your favorite tools.

Recording function

Easy recording & editing

for beginners & non-experts.

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Upload files

Import audio

and soon also video.

Transcripts & Visuals

Visual extensions

Get automatic transcripts and add visual extensions like PDFs, presentations and more.

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Stay engaged

Never miss out on a new podcast.


Translate transcripts

75 languages available.

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Designed for microlearning

Optimize time and maximize knowledge with bite-sized podcasts

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Podcasts as playlists with bite-sized tracks

1-4 minutes on average

Easy to repeat

for better memory retention

Easy to maintain

rearrange, remove and add tracks with live sync

Adapt play speed

to listen at your own pace

Save for later

with automatic reminders

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