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Customer Success Story: Streamlining Partner Onboarding with Audvice

Company: Brick Technology

The challenge

Brick Technology offers power bank-sharing solutions that are distributed by franchise partners.

Their rapid expansion to new markets brought the challenge of streamlining the onboarding and training process for external partners. They noticed the need for a user-friendly alternative to reading lengthy manuals, as their partners had busy schedules and limited time to spare, as they are in the field a lot, visiting venues, for example. When Brick discovered audvice, an audio-based platform for knowledge sharing, they immediately recognized its potential as the perfect fit for their needs to onboard more effectively and time efficient.

The solution

Brick Technology seamlessly integrated Audvice into their onboarding process. They created onboarding content in the form of playlists accompanied by detailed transcriptions. Each playlist was tailored to specific groups, such as "Brick Articles," "Launching New Markets," and "Brick Partners." Brick embedded these playlists all throughout their owned platforms, such as blogs, internal dashboards, websites, etc. They also made them easily accessible to partners by sharing them as weblinks. Furthermore, they integrated these playlists as linked resources on their official onboarding pages on Brick.Tech. With this approach, Brick was able to offer necessary onboarding content to their franchise partners in a way that is easy to consume. With Audvice playlists, Brick helps their franchise partners to be onboarded faster, enhancing their business success significantly.

Brick has also realized that their partners find it harder to read in formation than to listen to it, as they find it easier to follow and keep their focus when listening. They were able to achieve a 100% listen-through rate compared to a much lower read-through rate.

Onboarding employees and partners with playlists creates more productive time for them, as they can listen from anywhere at any time. For example, between driving from one appointment to another, while commuting to work, or even while doing laundry or taking their dog on a walk. Podcasts also help Brick’s employees and partners to get onboarded at their own pace. They listen to information on their own and can repeat them if necessary. Another benefit that Brick likes about onboarding playlists, is the personal aspect of it. Voice is able to deliver the emotion and context that text can’t. But at the same time, they provide the scalability Brick needs in order to keep their onboarding efficient.

Examples of their playlists include their fundamentals playlists, where they explain how their power bank sharing works, and talk you through how you can get started with their power banks. Or their financials playlist, which explains all of the financial aspects when entering a franchise partnership with Brick.

With Audvice's user-friendly audio platform, Brick successfully streamlined their partner onboarding process, reducing reliance on time-consuming manuals. By utilizing weblinks for easy access and embedding audio tracks in their articles, Brick aims to enhance knowledge sharing both externally and internally. audvice has become an invaluable tool in their quest for efficient and engaging onboarding throughout their organization.

Quote CEO Brick Technology:

"We found the perfect fit in Audvice, revolutionizing our onboarding process, enhancing knowledge sharing and content creation using text-to-speech. By seamlessly integrating their audio platform, we streamlined our partner onboarding, reduced reliance on manuals, and enabled our franchise partners to be successful in a very short time frame. Audvice has become an invaluable tool, fueling our quest for efficient and engaging communication throughout our organization.”


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