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Private Podcasting
for HR & Learning

Create private podcasts from audio, video or text. Share it securely and control access within your internal platforms.

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Create private podcasts

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from text

Script your podcast, copy and paste text, let AI make suggestions for you or simply recycle any blog articles, internal guides, handbooks or memos. Our AI voices are available in 29 languages and will turn your text into private podcasts with audio book quality.

AI Voices

29 languages

audio book quality

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from audio or video

Upload your audio or video file and transform it into a private podcast that comes with an automatic AI powered transcript. Recycle any podcasts, meeting recordings or explanation videos and share it for on-the-go.

Audio converter

Automatic transcript

Securely share with your employees

as a podcast page 

Anyone with the link to your podcast page can listen to the podcast and read the transcript. Your podcast page is an unlisted non-guessable weblink. That means you won't be able to find it on any search engines or podcast apps. However this link can be forwarded or reshared.

  • easily accessible

  • can be shared via any other platform

  • frictionless user experience

  • high adoption among employees

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can be shared

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as a podcast page with password protection

People will need the right password in order to access your podcast page. You share your podcast page as an unlisted weblink with your audience and make sure they get the password as well to listen to your podcast and read the transcript.

  • easy but restricted access

  • can be shared via any other platform

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as an embeddable audio player

With an easy iFrame you can embed your private podcast into any website, LMS oder intranet for seamless integration. Your audience can listen to your private podcast right on your platform.

  • seamless integration

  • works with your LMS, intranet or website

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as a SCORM-File in your LMS or LXP

With one click you are generating a SCORM-File for your Learning Management System or Learning Experience Platform.

  • easy SCORM creation

  • seamless integration

  • restricted access via your platforms only

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Private Podcasting Best Practices

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Employee Onboarding

Let new hires learn on-the-job, but at their own pace. Save time & resources, but still onboard employees with a personal touch, the necessary context and real expert insights. 

Sales Enablement

Give your sales reps instant access to up-to-date training & product information in a format that fits into their busy schedule. Let them learn or prepare a meeting, while driving or commuting.

Internal Communications

Reach everyone in your organisation with important news, insights or updates in a more engaging format than emails that get forever lost in your inbox.


Encourage deeper focus and engagement by training your employees or partners with podcasts. They will naturally find and spend more time listening than watching. 

Did you know, that ...


of people listen to up to 3 hours of audio content daily


of people listen to podcasts to stay up-to-date

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of Gen Z users listen while they are working


of employees would be more likely to engage in training if provided as podcasts

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Why Private Podcasting for HR & Learning?

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Increasing popularity

Podcasts are booming globally, with millions of shows and episodes, showing their rising appeal to over 465 million podcast listeners worldwide.


Private podcasts are budget-friendly in production, storage and streaming compared to video content.
Try now for free!

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Private podcasts work on-the-go and offer the flexibility to listen anytime, anywhere, regardless of location, schedule or whether employees work in an office, factory, in the field or in a remote setting.

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