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Private Podcasting
made easy & secure

Launch your secure & branded podcast space to share podcasts exclusively with your audience - no matter if employees, partners or customers.


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Share podcasts with
an exclusive audience

Whether it is your employees, partners, customers or your community, Audvice let’s you control who can access your podcasts and makes sure your content is 100% secure.

GDPR Compliant

BYOK Encrypted

Authenticated Access

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In your own branded 
& secure podcast space

Give listeners the full brand experience and design your private podcast space with your logo, colours and corporate identity.

Custom Branding

Always keep your 
audience up to date

Your listeners will never miss out on a new episode with automatic email or push notifications, whenever a new podcast is shared.



Create podcasts in 
a matter of minutes

No need to be a professional podcaster yet. Use our simple recording feature or our AI voices to create podcasts in 35 languages. Or simply import your audio files.

Easy Recording

AI Voices

35 languages

Add podcast content from our course catalog

Provide your employees with bite-sized audio trainings on topics like leadership, communication, compliance and more.


Automatic transcripts, 
translations & more

Explore all features that let you customise your private podcast space based on your needs to reach your audience more effectively.

Use Cases

Explore how our customers are using their private podcast space

Employee Onboarding

Let new hires learn on-the-job, but at their own pace. Save time & resources, but still onboard employees with a personal touch, the necessary context and real expert insights. 

Sales Enablement

Give your sales reps instant access to up-to-date training & product information in a format that fits into their busy schedule. Let them learn or prepare a meeting, while driving or commuting.

Internal Communications

Reach everyone in your organisation with important news, insights or updates in a more engaging format than emails that get forever lost in your inbox.


Encourage deeper focus and engagement by training your employees or partners with podcasts. They will naturally find and spend more time listening than watching. 

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See Audvice in action

Talk to an expert to get a product tour and learn how set up your private podcast.

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