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Onboard more personal and at scale

A strong and proactive onboarding process ensures that your employees engage with their role, keeps employee retention high, and increases productivity right from the start.

Take your onboarding process to the next level by providing more guidance, context, and expert knowledge through internal podcasts.


Use your voice to... yourself productive time 

Replace repetitive onboarding meetings with podcasts and to still have enough time to get your actual work done.

...onboard new hires at their own pace

Allow new hires to listen to new information on their own & repeat if necessary. By listening to internal podcasts they will get a better understanding of your business and are prepared to ask relevant questions in the next meeting.


...make your onboarding personal 

Your voice delivers emotion and context. Share playlists with your new hires to make your onboarding most personal, but still scalable. This will help you to connect and bond with new joiners.


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How it works



Click the red button and start talking. Save your track & record the next one.


Scroll back and simply re-record if you make a mistake. No more skills are needed.


Select your tracks and share them in a playlist with your colleague, your team or the whole company.


Make most of your time and listen on-the-go. If needed, browse through the automatic transcript or visuals attached.

Company-wide & team-specific onboarding in the same format


Facilitate a smooth start

HR creates a group for General Onboarding & fills it with guides on where to find what, how to get started and frequently asked questions. We can transform existing onboarding materials, such as videos, guides and wikis into playlists. You can simply record and maintain new playlists directly in audvice.


Streamline team-specific onboardings

Teams create a group for Department Onboarding & simply record playlists on process, project and tool introductions that are important for new employees to know. No need to be a content creator, deal with authoring tools. Simply press record and start talking.


Reduce uncertainty for employees

Whenever a new employee starts, HR gives them access to your company's audio library and adds them to relevant groups.

On their first day new employees can start discovering an audio library full of the most relevant knowledge & insights they need for a perfect start. They can listen to it in their own pace and join their first meetings well prepared and ready to ask meaningful questions.

Get inspired by our podcast templates

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