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Customer Success Story: Maintaining internal knowledge despite employee turnover

ADAC introduces Audvice to document & share knowledge using advanced voice technology

The challenge

ADAC is expecting 50% of its workforce to retire within the next 10 years. The biggest challenge is keeping their knowledge within the organization and building upon it. One of the biggest pain points is getting employees to document knowledge along with the necessary job context. This is why ADAC started piloting Audvice and is now rolling it out to the whole organization.

The solution

Audvice makes it easy for employees to document their knowledge with voice technology. From CEOs to sales leaders or trainees - Audvice turns knowledge into perfectly structured podcasts through easy recordings or text-to-speech technology. These podcasts are directly shared with colleagues, teams, or the whole organization in ADAC‘s own audio library - a safe space fulfilling the highest IT security and data protection standards and that is only accessible to employees. Employees at ADAC use Audvice for general onboardings, for guides for internal software tools, or team-specific knowledge, i.e., airport processes for flight crews depending on the destination.


After the innovation department successfully piloted the platform, HR took over to roll it out across the organization. With the help of Audvice, ADAC aims to build an extensive internal knowledge base that prevents information from getting lost, especially when employees leave the company. This knowledge can be successfully passed on to colleagues with the necessary context to build upon instead of building it up again from the ground.


Audvice is offering a software solution that allows its customers to onboard, train & inform employees more effectively with audio. Audvice‘s platform is increasing employee knowledge and training completion in a convenient and time-efficient manner. audvice is mainly targeting customers in the Transportation, Mobility, Automotive, Pharma, and Medical Devices industries. Their focus is on applications in business areas such as HR, L&D, and Sales.


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