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Does this look
like studying?

With audvice it does. Learn in the flow of your day with bite-sized podcasts you can easily create with audvice.

Study smarter, not harder.

Turn study material into podcasts

Create micro learning podcast playlists with easy recording or AI voices.


Make the most of your time 

Simply listen and not be bound to libraries, desks, laptops or books.

Boost your memory retention 

Remember 40% more by recording & listening back to study material.


Add more context 

Easily repeat more than just a few bullet points and be perfectly prepared.


How it works


Set up your audio library 

Sign up, and create a private space for all your learning podcasts.

Record your podcast

Easily record, edit & upload your podcast without moving files around or using complex audio tools.

Turn text into podcasts with AI

Paste any text into audvice to create microlearning podcasts from your study materials.

Organize & add visuals

Add descriptions or visuals to any podcast and group them into topics based on your needs.

Remember more with multimedia learning

You consider yourself a visual learner? You can still increase your memory retention by leveraging your other senses. Press record and speak out loud, then listen back to it to achieve 40% more memory retention.

Simply add your pdfs, slides or images to your podcast or read through the automatic transcript to trigger all your senses.






+ revising

+ executing

+ talking

+ listening


Maximize your study time

on the


while enjoying the sun

while brushing your teeth

while taking
a shower

on the way to your exam

while going on a run

while sleeping (hypnopedia)

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Get started for free

Set up your own audio library in a few clicks and start creating, sharing and listening to study podcasts with ease.

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