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Train employees without costing productive time

An efficient and proactive continuous training process ensures that your employees engage with their role, keeps employee retention high, and increases productivity.

Take your training process to the next level by providing more guidance, context, and expert knowledge through playlists.


Use your voice to... yourself productive time 

Replace time-consuming training meetings with playlists and still have enough time to get your actual work done.

...train your employee's on-the-go

Allow your employees to listen at their own pace, repeat if necessary and share internal expert knowledge with them.


...make your trainings personal yet scalable

Your voice delivers emotion and context. Share playlists with your employees to make your training scalable, connect, and bond.


How it works



Click the red button and start talking. Save your track & record the next one.


Scroll back and simply re-record if you make a mistake. No more skills are needed.


Select your tracks and share them in a playlist with your colleague, your team or the whole company.


Make most of your time and listen on-the-go. If needed, browse through the automatic transcript or visuals attached.

How to get started with audvice for continuos training


Facilitate a smooth start

The team leader or HR creates a training playlist & fills it with training materials on leadership training, sales training or GDPR, and data protection. We can transform existing training materials, such as videos, guides, and wikis into playlists. You can simply record and maintain new playlists directly in audvice.


Streamline team-specific trainings

Teams create a group for Department Training & simply record playlists on new processes, projects, and tools that are important to know. No need to be a content creator, or deal with authoring tools. Simply press record and start talking.


Update and strategy insights

Other teams can record updates on strategy or other insights they have to share with other teams such as a playlist to a product roadmap, latest marketing campaigns, or department OKRs.
Other teams can then listen to these playlists and have all of the most relevant knowledge & insights they need. They can listen to it at their own pace and join meetings well prepared and ready to ask meaningful questions.

Get inspired by our templates

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Unlock the power of voice for continuous training

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