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Capture & maintain essential knowledge

Use Audvice as an audio knowledge base. With Audvice, anyone can record as easily as sending a voice message. AI voices can turn texts into podcasts. This makes it easy to document knowledge.


Use your voice to...

...make knowledge sharing as easy as talking

Make it really easy for your employees to document and share essential knowledge by simply talking to their phone.

...easily organize knowledge in playlists

Document, categorize and share knowledge with your colleague, your team or your whole company with just a few clicks.


...maintain hands-on knowledge forever

Your audio knowledge base delivers the context your employees need to learn from colleagues or employees who already left your company.


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How it works



Click the red button and start talking. Save your track & record the next one.


Scroll back and simply re-record if you make a mistake. No more skills are needed.


Select your tracks and share them in a playlist with your colleague, your team or the whole company.


Make most of your time and listen on-the-go. If needed, browse through the automatic transcript or visuals attached.

For more effective
offboardings & handovers 


Handover playlists instead of meetings

Knowledge that is shared in meetings ends up in bullet points with most of its context lost. Let your employees handover projects, tasks or responsibilities by recording playlists.


Share knowledge with a colleague or team

Make your knowledge accessible for the ones who take over. Share your handover playlist with a colleague, your team or the whole company to guarantee a smooth handover and make your expertise heard.


Listen, repeat, take over successfully

Never get stuck taking over a project, task or responsibility because you lack of understanding or information. Simply open audvice and listen to your former colleague's playlist.

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