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7 tips on recording your first playlist with audvice

Voice is the most powerful means to effectively share information. Unlike text, it transports context and emotion, while unlike video it doesn’t take much effort to record. Also, listening to information allows us to use our time more efficiently, e.g. when taking a walk, doing groceries or commuting. audvice helps you leverage the power of voice at your company by making it really easy for everyone to record, listen, organize and share the most relevant information in conveniently structured playlists and bite-sized tracks.

We’re all used to sharing information by talking to people. Pressing record to do it asynchronously is definitely not a big deal, but there are still a few hacks which can help you make most out of it:

#1 Structure what you want to say

Writing down a few simple bullet points before you start recording can help you structure your thoughts and make information clearer for listeners. We found that playlists with more but shorter tracks are easier for listeners to process. Instead of sending 10-minute-long voice notes, you can easily record shorter tracks with Audvice and collect them in a playlist you share with your colleagues, partners or customers. Take a look at our playlist templates and be inspired by how our customers share information using audvice.

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#2 Jump right in

Recording your first playlist can feel a little intimidating, because it’s certainly more intimate than sending an email. But this is exactly where the power of voice comes in. You can be sure that your recipient will feel personally approached and pay more attention to what you’re saying. If you’re still a little hesitant at first, remember it’s no different from being on a call talking or presenting to others. It’s okay and actually a good thing to remain authentic, not speak like a professional voice-over artist or to use filler words. The purpose should be sharing information most effectively, not delivering a professional podcast episode with thousands of listeners.

#3 Edit if needed

If you still mind filler words, or if you made a mistake, you can simply re-record specific sections of your recording with audvice. As long as your tracks remain in your drafts, you can edit them however you want, either by trimming certain sections, or by pressing stop, scrolling back and re-recording a section. That means, you don’t have to stress to get everything right on your first try, you can play around and see what works best for you. If you already shared a playlist with colleagues, you can simply delete single tracks from it and replace them with new ones. But remember, authenticity is what makes sharing information with voice so effective, so there’s no need to over-engineer it. What our users love about audvice is the fact that they get to listen to insights, best practices and news from real colleagues in the organization.

#4 Cut to the chase

Yes, people generally find more time to listen than to read, but you don’t want to overwhelm your listeners. They will be thankful for the convenience of listening to a playlist, with all the context and tone of voice needed to get the best understanding, instead of having to read through page-long documents or having to join 60-minute-long calls. But you still want to make sure to keep it relevant and to-the-point, so you don’t lose their attention. So cut to the chase, and only share information that is relevant to your listeners. Adding more, but shorter tracks to your playlist will also help them jump right to the part that is most relevant for them.

#5 Add visuals

Visuals certainly help to give your listeners an even better understanding of what you’re talking about. After you recorded your tracks you can easily add any link to a website, survey, presentation or image to your playlist your listeners can view while they keep listening. You can also add a short description to let listeners know what they can expect at first glance.

#6 Share with coworkers

Now it’s time to share your playlist – with one or multiple colleagues or with a group you can create in Audvice. The information you share with a certain group is only retrievable for the people in that group, and therefore only members of the group can listen to it. This helps you stay in control of who you’re sharing information with, but still keep relevant information stored in one place and make it easily accessible for your colleagues and team later on. Whenever you share a playlist with someone, they will get notified, and you will be able to see who listened to your tracks, to make sure you got your message across.

#7 pro tips

We also want to share some recording hacks that will help you to make the most out of your playlists and voice. One thing we learned is that you better postpone drinking coffee and milk or orange juice to after your recording. These beverages coat your tongue and make it harder to pronounce accurately. Make sure to drink some water instead, and also keep a glass right next to you while you are recording, so you can freshen up your voice at any time. Another tip is to lay down your phone in front of you and to sit straight and gesticulate the way you would if you were talking to a person. This will help you to sound more authentic and less scripted. Last but not least: Keep smiling. If you smile during recording, your voice will automatically sound friendlier, and therefore more pleasant to listen to.

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