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Audvice's latest feature: how to create private podcasts with AI

The world of work is shifting fast, and companies are realizing the importance of giving their employees better ways to learn, improve their skills, and share information. Embracing smart tech like Artificial Intelligence and other innovations has become a must. It's all about making learning and information-sharing exciting and practical in this ever-changing environment.

One such technology that holds immense potential is Text-to-Speech technology, which harnesses the power of AI to convert written text into speech with AI voices. This fusion of AI and TTS opens new avenues for knowledge transfer and skills enhancement, revolutionizing how employees learn and absorb information.

Within Audvice, we have already leveraged the power of Text-to-Speech technology, and this new feature lets you generate audio content from any text you already have, making it very easy to create podcasts and share them with your team members.

text to speech

So, what exactly does Audvice text-to-speech offer?

  • Fast & easy content creation: You can generate podcasts from your existing written content in a matter of minutes.

  • Multilingual support: Our text-to-speech feature supports multiple languages, such as English, German, French, and Spanish, among others.

  • Personalized AI voices: You can choose from a variety of AI voices to suit your preferences or your company's voice, giving your audio content a personalized touch.

  • Save time: Do you have a bunch of important content in text format that nobody bothers to read? Simply transform it into podcasts your colleagues actually find time for.

The integration of AI and Text-to-Speech technology is transforming the landscape of employee learning and development. By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can create personalized, accessible, and engaging learning experiences fast. This combination empowers employees to acquire knowledge, develop new skills, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving workplace. The future of employee learning and development is bright, with AI and TTS technology playing a key role in unlocking the full potential of every learner.

Private Podcasts & AI for…

Learning and Development

The synthesis of AI and Text-to-Speech technology marks an important step in employee learning and development. This union empowers organizations to craft personalized, immersive, and accessible learning experiences at a fast pace. Consequently, employees swiftly assimilate knowledge, foster new skills, and remain at the forefront of a constantly evolving professional arena.

In the corporate learning landscape, traditional training and development methods are being reinvented. Gone are the days of dense training manuals and one-size-fits-all presentations. Today's workforce demands flexibility, engagement, and relevance. By converting text into audio, learning becomes a dynamic and versatile experience. Employees can engage with content when it suits them best, whether it's during their morning jog or a lunch break. This approach not only enhances engagement but also facilitates better retention and understanding.

Internal Communications

Disseminate crucial updates and announcements seamlessly through audio content, ensuring engagement amidst busy schedules. Effective internal communication is the backbone of a well-functioning organization. However, capturing employees' attention can be challenging in the digital age, where inboxes are flooded and attention spans are fleeting. With text-to-speech technology, important announcements, policy changes, or updates can be transformed into engaging audio content. This ensures that the message is not only delivered but also absorbed, making communication more effective and fostering a culture of informed employees.

Sales Enablement

Equip your salesforce with on-the-go training and insights, enabling adaptability in the dynamic sales landscape. Staying updated on product features, market trends, and sales techniques is crucial in the fast-paced sales world. However, traditional training methods can often be time-consuming and detached from the field reality. With text-to-speech technology, sales teams can access training materials on the go. Whether they are on a client visit, waiting for a meeting, or commuting between appointments, sales professionals can engage with training content, ensuring they're always prepared to make the best pitch.


Streamline onboarding with engaging audio resources, enhancing understanding and assimilation for new hires. Employee onboarding sets the tone for an individual's journey within a company. However, the traditional deluge of information can be overwhelming for new hires. Text-to-speech technology transforms onboarding materials into digestible audio content. New employees can listen to company policies, cultural values, and role expectations at their own pace. This approach not only enhances understanding but also makes the onboarding process more engaging and enjoyable.

Offboarding and Knowledge Transfer

Simplify the offboarding journey using user-friendly audio resources that guide departing employees through a smoother transition. When employees decide to move on, facilitating a hassle-free departure is essential. Yet, the influx of information during this period can be overwhelming. Through the integration of text-to-speech technology, pertinent offboarding materials are transformed into easily accessible audio content. This enables departing team members to conveniently listen to vital details such as exit procedures, final responsibilities, and opportunities for sharing feedback. This not only brings clarity to the process but also introduces an engaging dimension to the departure process.

Moreover, addressing the common challenge of knowledge loss that accompanies employee departures is crucial. Our platform offers departing employees the option to record their insights, experiences, and valuable tips in the form of audio content. This reservoir of knowledge can then be shared with both existing and incoming employees, ensuring the preservation of critical organizational knowledge. Whether it involves passing on best practices, project insights, or valuable lessons learned, this innovative feature promotes an environment of continuous learning and knowledge exchange within the organization. Incorporating this approach to offboarding transcends a mere procedural step; it becomes an avenue for capturing and transferring the expertise that propels the company forward.


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